Our Services

We have a state of the art fitment centre, where our qualified sales people and technicians will listen to you and advise you as to what needs to be done to get your vehicle/bakkie/truck/trailer/bus etc back to your required state. If you are looking for that sleek low riding look, we fit and supply sports lowering kits at the best prices. We also fit and supply 4x4 upgrades.

What we have to offer:

- Manufacture & Install GSW Lowering Kits (done in our fitment centre)
- Manufacture & install 4x4 kits / upgrades (done in our fitment centre)
- Repairs & Reconditioning of springs
- Parabolic Springs
- Leaf Springs - Trailers, Trucks, Buses, Bakkies etc
- Shackles/Hangers
- U-Bolts
- Centre Bolts & Pins
- Bushes (plastic, polyurethane, brass/steel)
- Automotive Coil Springs (Standard & Heavy Duty)
- Shotpeening
- Powder Coating

-Agricultural Springs
-AND ANY other size spring, Wire Forms AND Clips etc

Company Profile

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