More About Coil Overs

Coilover sleeves, or coilover conversion kits, are the most economical way to change ride height. The threaded sleeve and coil spring fits over the shock body or installs on the strut in place of the original spring. A locking collar can be raised or lowered on the threads to change ride height. They're available with different rate springs and while some are proprietary and designed to be installed on the same brand's suspension components, others allow you to use your choice of shocks or struts. Some full body coilovers incorporate this adjustment design, with the threads and collar right on the shock/strut body. The downside to this method of ride height adjustment is that ride height adjustment and spring preload can't be adjusted independently.

Full-bodied coilovers replace the entire factory strut or shock absorber. Full-bodied coilovers with threaded lower mounts are the best way to change ride height. The lower mount rotates up or down on the threads, and is then locked in place with a locknut, without disturbing spring preload. Spring preload on these units is adjusted separately using the same type threaded collar and locknut system. Our coilovers come in monotube and twin-tube designs, and are available with and without coil springs. We offer coilovers to replace air suspension units, and for select coilovers and applications we have electronic control modules that allow damping to be adjusted from inside the cabin or be automatically adjusted in response to sensor input.

In addition to the above, we also offer coil springs, dust boots, and mounts and hardware for coilovers. When coilovers are replacing shock absorbers, the mounts often have to be beefed up because now the vehicle is also being supported at those locations. These mounts usually come with the coilovers but we also offer an assortment of vehicle specific and universal mounts for custom installations.